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To ensure that all construction and remedial activities comply with the project specifications, the QCM will complete three phases of site inspections for each work item. These inspections will include the following:

PHASE I - Preparatory Inspections

Preparatory inspections will be performed prior to beginning work on each project activity and will include: - Review of submittal requirements and all other contract requirements with the performance for the work - Check to assure that provisions have been made to provide required field quality control testing - Examine the work area to ascertain that all preliminary work has been completed - Verify all field dimensions and advise AUC management of any discrepancies - Perform a physical examination of materials and equipment to assure that they conform to approved shop drawings or specifications and that all required materials and/or equipment are on hand and comply with the Contract requirements

PHASE II - Initial Inspections:

Initial phase inspections will be performed as soon as a representative portion of the various work items have been accomplished. Initial inspections include, but are not limited to, examination of the quality of workmanship; review of control testing for compliance with control requirements; and identification of defective or damaged materials, omissions, and dimensional requirements.

PHASE III - Follow-Up Inspections:

Follow-up inspections will be performed daily as work progresses to ensure continuing compliance with contract requirements, including control testing, until completion of the particular work activity. Final follow-up inspections will be conducted and deficiencies corrected prior to beginning new work.

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