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One of the very distinguishing features of Al Dayer United Company is owning a full testing firm called Al Dayer. This firm is accredited and approved by the Iraqi government and all governmental quality control establishments. It comprises a full laboratory for testing all construction materials, concrete, soil, compaction, piles, etc. The company is located in Basra and shall available for Client visits at any time. For large and long-term projects, AUC can provide a field laboratory as per Client’s request. Please, see www.aldayerunited.com for more details of our testing capabilities.

Testing Phases:

Soil Testing:

Soil investigation and testing is usually done before implementing the detailed designs to know the soil conditions and improvement and load requirements. For many projects, AUC expects that this phase will already be done by the Client and will work out its procedures accordingly. AUC will review the Client’s reports and if AUC finds any contradictions between the soil investigation report and design, AUC will inform the Client and make appropriate recommendations.


Materials Testing:

When responsible for the overall civil work, AUC will send a request to the Client asking permission to perform the tests for the materials supplied to the site and under the Client’s supervision. The tests will be mainly made for sand, cement, gravel, water, etc. For the materials supplied by AUC, it will submit materials test certificates to the client for its approval and/or third party verification, as required.

Site Works Testing:

According to the international standards and good construction practices, site studies and tests are required prior to site preparation and construction. These include compaction, pile tension and compression factors, pile and concrete cube


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