All training and development strategies require a:

  • Vision
  • Focus
  • Direction
  • Plan of action



  • Action Plans
  • Company Vision
  • Competency Requirements
  • Employee Training Needs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Objectives
  • Skills Profiling
  • Team Building
  • Team Development
  • Train-the-Trainer Needs


Staff Development Strategic Plan Overview

AUC is mainly focusing on the company’s training needs in terms of the organizational strategic plan, the HR strategic plan, and the personnel development plans with a particular focus on developing comprehensive interviews or focus groups to:

dentify any possible developmental gaps both:

  • Currently
  • In the future

Establish departmental and company training objectives - Develop a training action plan to ensure that these necessary systems are in place:

  • Access to resources
  • Source or design the training
  • Determine how the training will be scheduled, delivered and coordinated


 - Routinely monitor the training

- Assess, verify and evaluate the training by obtaining feedback from participants

- When necessary, revise the training and/or the training plan

AUC Main Training Courses & Activities

Workforce Skill Course

This course focuses on improving the performance of the workforce by ensuring that skill sets exist throughout the workforce. Those skill sets must address the future competencies and be in line with the company’s strategy. Evaluating the workforce’s skills may reveal staff members that are underutilized. It can also reveal hidden aptitudes for another area of the business.

Project Management Course:

This course defines the roles and responsibilities of the leading figures in the company. It strongly considers new management systems and help the trainee to build up channels of communication with the Client.


HSE Courses:

These courses are delivered on different time bases and in different locations.

  • HSE site daily inductions are the most essential
  • AUC meetings always start with the safety minute
  • HSE plans are distributed among the employees
  • PPE training Environment and waste management

Ethics, Law and Social Courses:

These courses consider the following:

  • Work Ethics and Culture
  • Society Ethics and Morals
  • Basic and Advanced Legal Terms and Actions
  • Client, Contractor, Subcontractor Relation Ethics

Quality Management System (QMS)

In order to accomplish an excellent quality management system, AUC has been working very hard on developing all the departments associated with the QMS. For us it is a process of five main pillars:

Process Management:

  • Quality Control (QC) tools, auditing, data analysis, effective team meetings, process mapping, standardization, responsibility chart, workflow diagram, training, etc.

Project Management:

  • Negotiations, marketing, execution, staff management, ethics, culture, safety, innovation, change, coordination. 

Change Management:

  • Team learning, change impact, benchmarking, communication, preparing for the unexpected, risk management, making change happen.


Knowledge Management:

  • Business value focus, people, process, content, technology, education, information, data collection and collaboration.

Resource Management:

  • Capacity and utilization study, elimination of duplication, target shifting, resource leveling, strategic management.

AUC believes that any successful quality system should be based on team work and start from the APEX to the PRACTICE as shown in the following diagrams:





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