Al Dayer United group has been a pioneer in the infrastructure and construction industry in Iraq since the groups foundation in 2003. AUC is proactively taking part in the reconstruction of Iraq from its location in the most commercially viable and strategically located city of Basra. AUC exerts tremendous efforts in conscientiously working to develop and improve the physical and social urban environment of its home city. The leadership team has fostered positive relationships with state ministries, private sector organisations, financial institutions and community associations, creating strong and firm ties within the local social and economic community.

AUC’s people proudly represent the company ethos in being energetic, highly educated, professionally experienced and extremely competent in their individual disciplines. They are personally selected by the leadership team and are inspired and encouraged to continually develop and enhance their technical knowledge and management skills through in-house CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and training programmes with a strong emphasis on coordinated teamwork. The management team adopts a ‘hands-on’ approach to project delivery with an emphasis on providing a quality service to clients.

The AUC Group has become a benchmark in the reconstruction of Iraq with a clear focus on delivering unequivocal client satisfaction through developing mutual trust with our clients, delivering quality projects with reliable certainty and financial value. AUC has been extensively engaged in the development of the oil sector in the south of Iraq and has developed a very good reputation with SOC and the foreign companies working with SOC. This experience with SOC and the foreign companies has helped AUC further develop its outstanding staff and management experience, its high quality health and safety procedure, strict implementation of project quality assurance plans and its high standard equipment to deliver projects on time and within budget. AUC has a long-term view of business investment and building on our existing expertise. We are continually evolving by re-investing in our business and our people. Through proactive engagement with our clients and their evolving needs we have focused our resources to develop new opportunities for a new and sustainable Iraq.