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Quality in the construction phase is the program of policies, procedures, and responsibilities required to provide confidence that the desired characteristics have been obtained to help ensure the project will perform its intended function for its design life. Quality control in the construction phase shall consist of those actions necessary to assess production and construction processes so as to control the level of quality being produced in the end project.

ALDayer united quality control actions shall include

Examining, checking, and inspecting in-process and completed work, and materials sampling and testing during production and construction, as a means of controlling and measuring the characteristics and conformity of an item, process, or activity to established requirements.

Project Organization:

ALDayer united key personnel assigned to this project shall possess a broad range of corrective action experience and skills. All shall have experience dealing with civil work activities and social understanding of the area. The functional responsibilities of key technical personnel are summarized as follows.

1- On-site Project Manager:

ALDayer united On-site Project Manager will be the primary contact person at the site.

ALDayer united On-site Project Manager will ensure that:

– Appropriate resources are allocated to the project in a balanced manner – All cost tracking and reporting is carried out in a manner compliant with ALDayer united system – All tasks are conducted in accordance with the site conditions, Client’s requirements and project specifications

His responsibilities include, but not limited to:

– Team coordination

– Acting as site liaison

– Maintaining control of all field operations

2- Quality Control Manager (QCM)

The Quality Control Manager will report directly to the On-site Project Manager on matters concerning quality control. He will have both the authority and the duty to halt any operation appearing to be out of compliance with contract specifications. The QCM is responsible for keeping and maintaining all records related to personnel, supplies, equipment use and calibration, and sampling. His function will be to ensure compliance with the contract plans and specifications.

QCM responsibilities include:

– Performing and documenting field inspections

– Preparing daily Quality Control Reports

– Scheduling, reviewing, certifying, and managing project submittals

– Maintaining the Submittal Register

– Providing coordination of required quality control testing, reviewing results, and submitting results

– Coordinating, documenting, and tracking preparatory, initial, and follow-up inspections

– Tracking construction deficiencies and ensuring timely corrective action

– Coordinating field sampling activities (as required)

– Reviewing calibration of test equipment (as necessary)

– Maintenance of as-built drawings

– Coordinating responses to Client’s requests for information and technical issues

– Serving as main point of contact at the site for Client questions and discussions on quality and technical issues


3- Site Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Officer :

The HSE Officer will report to the ALDayer united General Manager and on-site project manager and be responsible for the implementation of the approved HSE Plan; including conducting required safety inspections, HSE briefings, and reports of HSE activities.

4- Superintendent:

The project Superintendent will report to the on-site project manager and will be responsible for supervising all field activities. His duties include supervision of the craft labor (equipment operators, truck drivers, and laborers), technical staff (survey crew), and all subcontractors. The designated Superintendent is also responsible for the maintenance of all on-site construction equipment.

5- Transportation and Disposal Coordinator :

The Transportation and Disposal Coordinator will report to the on-site project manager and will be experienced in gathering and analyzing data, and developing and implementing sampling plans and quality control programs relevant to the coordination of transportation and waste disposal activities at the Site.

Quality Control Measures:

Quality control measures will extend to field sampling procedures; staffing; types of material and equipment to be used; and methods of performing, documenting, and enforcing quality control operations. The QCM will be responsible for ensuring that all materials and work comply with the contract specifications. The QCM will be responsible for implementing the QC Plan by ensuring that quality materials and supplies are provided for the proposed project, and that good workmanship is provided in all aspects of this contract. The QCM will report directly to the On-site Project Manager and will complete daily site inspections to ensure compliance with the quality control specifications.


The QCM will record project activities in a daily quality control report maintained on site at all times. All site activities, site inspections, and field testing of materials will be recorded on a daily basis, along with any unacceptable site occurrences or deficiencies and their associated corrective actions. Each daily entry into the report will be signed by the QCM. Quality control reports will be submitted on a daily basis during all field construction activities.