We are Fao

Being the initial and crucial stage for every construction project. Al Fao has recently formed a specific department for Geotechnical works. this department currently includes four rigs for soil investigation drilling work and a full physical and chemical testing laboratory. This department is run by very professional staffs and consultants. Geotechnical site investigation work includes drilling, sampling, classification, chemical and physical properties analysis and preparation of technical reports with engineering recommendations for suitable foundation design and soil improvement. The above activities are carried out by soil drilling rigs of rotary and percussion types. These rigs are owned by Al Fao and are fully equipped with drilling, sampling, field testing accessories and are operated by qualified team of drilling technicians and drillers. Other services performed by the laboratory include testing of building materials (such as cement blocks, floor tiles, etc.) and raw materials used for building (such as sand, aggregates and water). .

Our materials testing laboratory in Iraq, Basra, as well as our soils labs in basra, give Testing Engineers an unparalleled ability to provide accurate, timely answers to your materials testing questions. Whether it is quality assurance testing of reinforcing steel for a major construction project, or legal discovery documenting the strength of plastic wrap, our labs can test it. From micro-hardness testing and electron microscopy to ultimate strength testing of high-strength bolts, Al fao’s labs have the equipment and personnel to get the job done. Accredited by Basra Governorate (Department of government contracts), Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Planning – standardization and quality control. The labs at Testing Engineers are capable and qualified to fulfill your needs